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Currently all my dashboards are working except the web activity dashboard. I only have a few results and I have been checking frequently.

i found this thread here about it -

if i run a search eventtype="pan_threat", i get a lot of results for the default time (4 hours), but it doesnt seem to be reflected in the dashboard.

any ideas what i should be looking at?

i've looked at the troubleshooting steps located here -
Everytime seems to be fine.

I do get data on the dashboard, but doesn't seem to match up on the search

Thanks in advance for your help.


i've doubled check this section as well.

only pan_firewall datamodel is built, but i think thats all i need.

i have configured props.conf to set the index to my timezone - that is fine.

i've also configured that my inputs is set to palo:log

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this is my exact search query

index=palo eventtype="pan_threat"

all my palo devices send via tcp to an index called "palo"

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Are you using user input tokens for the time? Would you be able to post the search that you're running?

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