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we will be deploying snmp_ta to multiple forwarders, what is the best way to do it via DS?


We need to install snmp_ta to more that 10servers with UF in it. the approach that we are seeing when we use to deploy inputs.conf via DS is:

  1. Create 1 app that will contain the server classes for each of the UFs/servers/IP
  2. Create server classes for each of the servers/ IP where we will put the specific inputs.conf. So if I have 10 servers, I would have 10 server classes, each server class corresponds to 1 destination or IP or hostname.
  3. Map the server class to each server (client)

It will look something like this
alt text

Please advise if this is the best practice or best way to get them deployed.
If not, please let us know.

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