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splunk_app_for_nix not working


I have uninstalled and reinstalled splunk_app_for_nix and the splunk add on for *Nix and I never get an initial configuration screen when trying to load the splunk for unix app. It just throws errors in the top bars of

The lookup table 'dropdowns.csv' is invalid.
Error in 'SearchParser': Could not find macro 'home_cpu_idle' that takes 2 arguments. Expecting stanza name 'home_cpu_idle(2)'.

Error in 'SearchParser': Could not find macro 'unix_noop' that takes 0 arguments. Expecting stanza name 'unix_noop'.

None of the documentation helps as it assumes I can get to the initial config screen, if I try to go to settings and categories, it just has a 500 internal server error.

500 Internal Server Error

Return to Splunk home page

ResourceNotFound: [HTTP 404]; [{'type': 'ERROR', 'code': None, 'text': 'Application does not exist: SA-nix'}]

View more information about your request (request ID = 53b615ddc97ff36c14eb10) in Search

This page was linked to from http://splunkinstance:8000/en-US/app/splunk_app_for_nix/settings.

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The SA-nix Supporting Add-on ships in the ./install/ subdirectory of the splunk_app_for_nix app. (splunk_app_for_nix/install/SA-nix)

You should directly install this as an application.

See the documentation at


Thank You.

Before I received this answer I did this exact thing just from the error logs, however I did't see this specific need to move this file out in the docs. I believe I had something on my system that prevented it from installing itself?

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