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second Aws account ID not reflecting in dropdown

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Hi Experts,

I try to configure AWS account in Splunk using app “SPLUNK App For AWS” and “Splunk Add on For AWS”.
I configured one AWS account and its reflecting in Account ID dropdown menu of “SLUNK App For AWS”.
After that I try to add one more account using “splunk aws assume role” and I add input for aws:cloudwatch
aws:cloudtrail, aws:description, aws:config, awsaccountid. But the second account ID is not reflecting in Splunk App for AWS.
Please suggest what I need to do.

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Now its working, I edit Account ID drop-down search string to "**

  • |aclinputlookup allaccountids | mvcombine delim=", " name | nomv name | eval title=account_id." (".name.")"

** "

And both account comes in the drop-down list.

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Hello Arun,

string to "**  -- > can you please explain

I can not see account no from the menu 

but i can see it on "| inputlookup all_account_ids"

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