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Hi All. I have installed nmon app in splunk running on a windows machine. I have a sample .nmon file which i need to analyze using the nmon app. In the documentation it is mentioned that splunk will look for the .nmon file in /opt/splunk/etc/apps/nmon/var/nmon_repository path. But i am unable to find the var/nmon_repository folder. Should i manually create the folder and paste the nmon file there?

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Sorry for late answer, next time you post think associating with Application tag, this allows automatic follow 🙂

Under Windows you need to create a custom monitor input (a directory to watch) where you will store nmon files you the application to manage.

So, please first update to the very last version of the App (1.5.26) because i have fixed something broken for Windows since a few version.

Then, ensure you follow Windows specific instructions, extracted from the help page:

WINDOWS Specific instructions

Windows OS can be used to Convert / Index and Analyse Nmon Performance Data, therefore a few simple manual steps are required: 

Install Python 2.x for Windows 

Download and Install Python 2.x package for Windows from:

inputs.conf and props.conf 

Copy the inputs.conf_forWindows file from default to local/inputs.conf
Copy the props.conf_forWindows file from default to local/props.conf
Restart Splunk (or refresh using the debug URL: http://server:8000/debug/refresh)

Finally, create a custom monitor, you can paste this example (change the location path) directly in your local\inputs.conf file and restart Splunk:

disabled = false
index = nmon
sourcetype = nmon_processing
crcSalt = <SOURCE>

As an alternative to the input creation, You can also use the "add oneshot" command line to index them one by one:

splunk add oneshot full_path_to_nmon_file -index nmon -sourcetype nmon_processing


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