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I'm trying to roll up a metric index named <name>.
So I added a new index named <name>-rollup and I configured a metric-rollup.conf:

defaultAggregation = avg
dimensionList = cluster
dimensionListType = excluded
rollup.0.rollupIndex = <name>_rollup
rollup.0.span = 1d

Ok, it works, but quite useless for me. If I have an app which makes query like

| mstats avg(_value) as value where index= metric_name=system.load1 groupby metric_name, host span=1d
| eval {metric_name}=value

then I have to modify the query as
| mstats avg(_value) as value where index=_rollup metric_name=system.load1_mrollup_avg_86400s groupby metric_name, host span=1d
| eval {metric_name}=value

to work with summarized datas. This is a mess.
Is there a way to at least configure the naming convention of the new metric names?

Because if I can maintain the same metric name in the new index <name>_rollup I still can easily modify all the queries. Otherwise, I have to change all metric names and not only the index name!

Thank you very much
Kind Regards

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