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is it possible for splunk to Consume HP ALM / HP QC raw data?

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Hi Splunkers,

I am looking for a possible solution for a scenario where Splunk needs to consume HP-ALM/QC test case raw information for below purpose:

  1. We are using a web application to submit some transactions and those transactions will have 7 different status which I can track and monitor in Splunk.
  2. But each of the order is mapped to a test case in HP Quality Center.
  3. So my dashboards in QC helps me to find out a transaction status but I don't to which test cases they are mapped to.

Problem Statement:
I want to update the transaction ID under respective test case in HP QC and consume that raw data into splunk to monitor the test case status, responsible tester and progress in the form of a dashboard inside Splunk. Is it possible?

If any one implemented to consume HP-QC raw data to Splunk, please let me know how you did it?

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I am doing this, however I ended up using a Python script to get the data on a 5 minute cadence via their API. The pain in the ass part is the props and transforms needed to make sense of the XML fields within the payload being sent back. With the custom fields user-10, etc. I aliased those in the props to their real labels.

It has been working well so far, but I am also investigating other options.

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