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index change doesn't work

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I'm trying to change the index for the events coming from sysmon TA (installed on host and SH). The TA by default doesn't have any index stanza.

This is the current configuration from btool
_rcvbuf = 1572864
crcSalt =
disabled = false
evt_dc_name =
evt_dns_name =
evt_resolve_ad_obj = 0
host = i-04d1ab4656be6f3f7
index = wineventlog
renderXml = 1

Even if the wineventlog index exists (because I'm sending other windows related data) all sysmon event data are going to main(!!). I have restart many times the UF but no luck
Any help?

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It could be a file-precedence issue. Is this inputs.conf in the local folder of the app?

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