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incompatibility between Fortigate Add-on and Splunk 8.x


I am currently attempting to update a deployment of Splunk to 8.1.2

I have gone through and updated all of my apps to a version that is compatible with both and 8.1.2

I then went and installed the Splunk Platform Upgrade Readiness App and did a scan of my apps to check whether they were compatible with Splunk 8.x.

All of my Apps/Add-ons appeared to pass except Fortinet Fortigate Add-on for Splunk. This failed with the following message:

  • App Status: Blocker
  • Details: Check4: Removed Libraries - Blocker (Remove dependencies on the M2Crypto and Swig libraries).

I am currently running the latest version of this app (v1.6.4). Is anyone else using this add-on with Splunk 8.1 successfully?


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