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how to change Infoblox dhcp report default time interval set as 4 hours to a custom one (say 30 minutes, 1 hour)

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index=ibdhcpsummary report=sidhcprangeutilizationtrend DHCPRANGE="" | msservers msservers | eval members=if(isnull(members), "", members) | eval msservers=if(isnull(msservers), "", msservers) | stats avg(dhcputilization) as ADU by time view members msservers startaddress endaddress DHCPRANGE dhcputilizationstatus | timechart bins=1000 eval(avg(ADU)/10) by DHCPRANGE where max in top5 useother=f | interpolate 43200

the above search string we use in infoblox 8.2.6 version. But with this graph only displays for report morethan 4 hours. It can not get data for last 4 hour or less interval.
How to get this custom interval set

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