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group by lookup out put with splunk search results

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Hi All,

I have to pull the results in my splunk query basing on a type, I am able to pull the results using the type as shown below.

index=app sourcetype=log4j | stats count as total by type

However this type in not user readable, so, I had created a lookup to map the type with user readable data as key pair like show below.


This is not giving me out put when I use below query.

index=app sourcetype=log4j | stats count as total by type|lookup mapping_file.csv type as type_data OUTPUT APP_NAME as APP_NAME_data |replace type with APP_NAME_data in type | table APP_NAME_data,count

can you anyone let me know, what mistake I am doing here.

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You are probably getting an error; what is that error?

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Your reference to using lookup mapping_file.csv makes me wonder if you have the csv file set up correctly. Please double-check your work carefully, following the Configure CSV Lookups section in the docs.

If you end up with a lookup named mapping_file then it's possible the syntax you need is as follows.

index=app sourcetype=log4j 
| stats count as total by type
| lookup mapping_file Type AS type OUTPUT APP_NAME as APP_NAME_data 
| table APP_NAME_data,count

Pay special attention to AS clauses in lookup - I find them constantly confusing and have to carefully refer back to the docs. The ones after OUTPUT/OUTPUTNEW are fine, it's the ones before that are logically backwards from the way I would prefer them.

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