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How can i get the geoip of the philippines(all places in the philippines)?

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Not sure I 100% understand the question, but anyway....

The Google Maps app uses the MAXMIND GeoLite City database (GeoLiteCity.dat) for its geo lookups , and this has Phillipines mappings in it. You can download the CSV version if you want to browse the Phillipines geoip entrys.

You can also browse here for stats on the geoip coverage and accuracy for all cities.

So, as an example, if you have a Phillipines IP address, or a resolvable hostname, in your Splunk indexed data in a field named "clientip", you could use this search command to perform the geo lookup for each IP.

sourcetype=myFilipinoSourceType | geoip clientip

The Splunk Google Maps app documentation has more concise usage details.