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find search body by sid

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Hi all,

I have below link for a search, but when I click it, it shows nothing but only said: Unknown sid. I need to remove this search, but I don't know what is the search string inside.

May I know according to this sid, is there any way to find the search body from it?



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So can get search body and other details by executing this rest command

| rest /services/search/jobs/1499263157.5501 splunk_server=local

Below is the link,

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After the search expires it is no longer accessible by that URL. you can however check the _audit index. Try the following search

index=_audit search_id=1476267099.133508 info=granted search=* 

There is a field called search which will show you the SPL that was used

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Sorry, I need recover this search ,not remove.

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