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db Connect, MSSQL, and Kerberos


DB Connect 3.14, Splunk Enterprise 7.3. Trying to connect to an SCCM MSSQL instance.

Cannot seem to make it past Kerberos authentication. kinit retrieves the certificate just fine, verified using klist. Configured DB Connect using same parameters (and several others) and it times out when trying to save the config (It sends three connection attempts before failing). Captured the traffic from the two sessions (kinit and DB Connect). They packet captures are similar, but not identical. Obvious differences are: ticketlifetime, renewlifetime, and encryption types. The first two are not showing up in the DB Connect packet capture (shows 1970 (defaulting to epoch?)). The third item is encryption types, kinit presents 8 types, DB Connect presents only 4.

It is as if DB Connect is not reading the file /etc/krb5.conf. Validated that "splunk" can read the file. I suspect the three settings above since I can see DB Connect sending three connection attempts with no response from the Kerberos server, where kinit gets an immediate response. Am I going to far and missing something?

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