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command="sendemail", [Errno -2] Name or service not known while sending mail to


Hello everyone,

Does anyone know what the above error message means when using the sendemail function? I've googled it but there were no results. Alert email works fine but not sendemail.

FYI, this error occurred on Splunk Cloud. I've seen a similar error below in Splunk on-prem (solved by adjusting some roles to the account) but this is a new error that I've encountered. 


[map]: command="sendemail", 'rootCAPath' while sending mail to:


It appears that the sendemail function is not configured or installed in this Splunk Cloud instance. Is there any steps that needs to be configured by the admin (, etc)? I supposed the configurations should be the same as in Splunk on-prem? If yes, would appreciate your advice so that I can let my admin know.  

Thank you.

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