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cant setup *nix app: Splunk cannot find "apps/local/unix/setup".


Running spunk 4.2 on rhel 5.5, I added the new *NIX app and when I click on setup I am taken to the following URL:


which returns the error

404 Not Found Splunk cannot find "apps/local/unix/setup".

This page was linked to from http://:8000/en-US/manager/launcher/apps/local.

You are using :8000, which is connected to splunkd @96430 at on Tue Mar 22 15:06:05 2011.

Any ideas? I checked permissions on the file system, every thing is owned by root:root and the directories all have 755 while most the files have 644?

I also checked that I downloaded the newest *NIX app (with 4.2 support)



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I found a rule for this condition.
Splunk seems doesn't give the right control for upgrate of *NIX app (for 4.2) or
any pre-existence app.
If you install an new apps , such as *NIX or any app with setup.xml, It works fine ,but not for upgrate One.

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You can try fallow step:

  1. /opt/splunk/bin/splunk stop

  2. [root@localhost default]# cat app.conf

[install] state = enabled

is_configured = true

build = 96252

[package] id = unix


is_visible = true

label = *NIX


author=Splunk, Inc.

description=This is a useful app for helping monitor, manage, and troubleshoot *nix platforms. This app comes with set of scripted inputs for collecting CPU, disk, I/O, memory, log, configuration, and user info. It also provides convenient dashboards, form searches, and alerts to make getting started with Splunk a breeze.

version = 4.2.0

3. [root@localhost default]# cat inputs.conf


interval = 60

sourcetype = vmstat

source = vmstat

index = os

disabled = 1



4. /opt/splunk/bin/splunk start


Well, yes. I am able to bypass the setup script by setting the is_configured=true. But what if I actually want to use setup to configure the *NIX app? Has anyone seen this problem before - clicking setup for any app gives a 404 error?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Corey - it seems as though we are unable to duplicate the problem that you are running into. Can you please open a support case and we'll work directly with you to figure out the problem? Once we determine what is happening we can repost here so others are aware of the issue. thanks!

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I have also seen this issue as well. Perhaps this might help: Splunk is running as root, and the last app used before going into to the manager to upgrade or install the unix app from scratch was unix, thus the manager URL with two "unix"es in it.

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Can you confirm that you have a setup.xml file in the default directory? It should be in:

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Well, I just installed the Splunk provided *NIX app (for 4.2) from splunkbase. But in looking at the filesystem, "$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/unix/default/setup.xml" does exist, owned by root:root and the permissions are 644

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