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can't display overlays with maps+ leaflet app


I'm using the Maps+ for Splunk app and have the visualisations working fine.
I am trying now to use a custom overlay kml/kmz file created from within Google Earth app.
From the maps+ instructions on how to do this:

Add custom overlays to the map. The first release implements a KML or KMZ overlay feature. If you have existing KML/KMZ files that define features (polyline, polygons, whatever) you can now leverage them to overlay these features on the map.

KML/KMZ Overlay
Copy any KML or KMZ files into the following directory

Click Format and selct the Overlays tab. Enter a comma separated list of filenames that you uploaded to the above directory. File order dictates feature layering - e.g., file1.kml renders beneath file2.kml


The files will be asynchronously loaded when the map is rendered.

Did this and can't see the overlay in the map at all after browser refresh
Anyone who has done this successfully or has some clue where to start troubleshooting your help would be greatly appreciated
For completeness I also tried this location for the files


I have finally managed to figure out how to make this work, would be useful if there was a small section in the instructions to explain this part of it for those who have no experience with mapping or creating kml/kmz files

What I was trying to do was use an image of a map/polygon area and overlaying it on google earth, then saving as a kml file.
This method did not give me sufficient content in the kml file to use in the maps+ app, ie polygon co-ords

I instead created each area polygon manually in google earth and then saved the kml, this works fine though very time consuming.

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