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app or add-on for IBM Aspera HSTS?


Would anyone be willing to partner with me on creating a Splunk add-on or an app, for IBM Aspera HSTS (High Speed Transfer Server, formerly "Enterprise Server")?

I've spent a couple of years writing arcane SPL to extract KVs and create dashboards like this - but am rather clueless about how to make that knowledge useful to others and formalize what I learned into an add-on or an app. I am assuming the first step is create a CIM, and then create an add-on around that CIM - yet like I said, I am mostly clueless about it.

Dashboard - Aspera FASP Statistics - 30d - Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 12.41.14 AM.png

Here is what I have:

  • lots of logs (a few GBs) from a couple Windows Aspera server in my team
  • a few ad-hoc dashboards full of regex-based queries doing KV extraction (quite a few were done with amazing @to4kawa's help)
  • IBM's unofficial guide to deciphering their logs
  • time and energy to test and tune an app and to continuously collaborate on it:)

I'd be very grateful for any help! (If you're willing to help, no prior Aspera HSTS knowledge is needed - only knowledge on how to craft apps and add-ons.)


P.S. The potential user base for such an app or add-on does not seem to be huge - yet the software is quite popular and there doesn't seem to be much of an effort to create appropriate CIMs or add-ons for it.

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P.P.S. Quite a few good operational / observability questions that can be answered with such an app or an add-on - i.e. there's a good business case for it:

  • which sources or targets (aka "partners") have the highest error and failure rates, slowest transfer rates? How have these metrics changed over time?
  • a realtime dashboard of transfers in progress, with ETCs (estimated times of completion), error rates, other stats
  • flag failures and errors that could be on our side, potentially due to application errors or resource exhaustion
  • capacity planning (are our aspera servers right-sized? when will we need to upgrade or scale them, if ever?)
  • etc...
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