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any guidance on how to plan an underlying OS update the for Azure Splunk Enterprise Instances

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Hi All, 

I am planning to upgrade the following Splunk instances from 6.X / 7.X to 8.X and for the same reason, I need to upgrade the underlying OS from 2012 to 2019.



Can you please share your thoughts/links/reference material on planning this exercise?

How should I plan the OS upgrade? I currently see two main approaches:

1. Attempt an in-place upgrade of the current server from 2012 to 2019. This is would be without Azure tools and would seem to be an unsupported approach (from Azure anyway).

2. Build an entirely new Azure instance set and install Splunk v8 on it, replicating what we already have in place. Then replace the old v7 Splunk farm in some fashion. Initial thinking is to replace Masters, then search heads, then indexers, then HFs.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this would be greatly appreciated. Particularly if you have done this before.




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