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Zenoss Add-On Debugging

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Dear All,

looking for a solution to debug the Zenoss Add-On for Splunk.

Connection and Credentials to Zenoss Server are working, since we can receive events from Zenoss, but we also would like to send logs to the Zenoss Server from Splunk. We followed the documentation, setup credentials with the manager.
Then we created an Alert with Zenoss-Event Alert Action.

When the alert is triggered i see the following message in the zenoss-agent log:
"Failed to establish a new connection: [Error -2] Name or Service not known."

Not sure if this is related to Splunk Server or Zenoss Server. We added Hostname of SH als Splunk Server, also FQDN.

Any idea how we can track this down? Can the log level be increased?

Kind Regards

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