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Will Timewrap be updated to be supported by version 6.4?

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Will Timewrap be updated to be supported by Splunk version 6.4? It is currently supported through 6.3.

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It seems that Timewrap is built inn to Splunk 6.5.
I have not added it and it works out of the box:

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd eps>0 earliest=-1mon latest=now
| timechart avg(eps) span=1h | timewrap 1w

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Timewrap is one of the best add-ons we have installed. We use it in daily reports and dashboards. We are in the middle of an architecture change and are installing the latest version of Splunk, 6.4.x. By doing this, we don't appear to be able to install the add-on by normal means. I am really hoping someone might know if there are plans to certify Timewrap for 6.4? Thank you!

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We tried copying timewrap (2.4.0) app to /opt/splunk/etc/apps/ folder for our splunk 6.4.2 and seems working fine!

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