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Wicked HIGH CPU and Memory Utilization


Currently experiencing wicked high CPU and memory utilization after installing the add on . Currently run Splunk 8.0.1 on Centos 7 ( fully updated)

Anyone having similar issues ?

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I have the same issue and python 3 is consuming about 30GB where splunkd.exe is like 200MB. I'm just testing this with Splunk 8.0x and the preliminary findings are not good. Creating a ticket might be the best option.

Windows Server 2019 (Test System, Core i7 8 cores, 32GB RAM, NVMe SSD
Splunk 8.0.2
Splunk Add-On for AWS 5.0.0 (One this is removed python3.exe only takes up like 50MB)
Splunk App for AWS 6.0.1 (After removing we still have the memory issue)
Python for Scientific Computing (for Windows 64-bit) 2.0.0 (After removing we still have the memory issue)


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What add-on did you install?

What do you define as "wicked high CPU and memory" use?

How many servers are in your Splunk infrastructure?

What was your CPU & memory utilization before installing whatever add-on this is?

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