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Why is the TA-forwarderquery Add-on missing files that are referenced in commands.conf?


Does this App actually work "as-is"? Installed in a Search Head cluster environment and then went through the files from the provided tar file. Specifically the file "commands.conf" references 4 python files

filename =

filename =

filename =

filename =

These files do not exist, within the provided downloaded App, within the Search Heads, or within the Universal Forwarders (I assumed that maybe existing Splunk resources were being leveraged).

Am I missing something, or is this app DOA?

See y'all at the conference in Oct.....

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Because i missed out removing the references.
Were you specifically missing them or why do you conclude it does not work?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I assume you are referencing the app which is the TA-forwarderquery. I see that in this specific app it contains a in the bin directory of this TA.

This App is not created or supported by Splunk, but by someone who is a Splunk app developer, Dominique Vocat . You can reach out to them on the app page for additional support.

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