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Why is the Splunk MINT SDK for iOS 5.0.0 not reporting the user_id on unhandled crash exceptions?


I'm using the Splunk MINT SDK for iOS v 5.0.0.

In a crash report generated like:

[NSException raise:@"TestSplunkRaise" format:@"raise exception"];

Without a try-catch. I don't receive the user_id on my splunk dashboard,

But when I create a handled exception like:

MintLogException(exception, nil);

I see the user_id reported on the crash log in the dashboard.

How do you recommend setting the SDK or my application so I receive the user_id in all crash reports, both handled and unhandled?

Thank you


Hi -

In Android, we prepare the crash report when the app and SDK are still alive and on "last breath". Therefore we report the user identifier if SetUserIdentifier is called before the crash.

In iOS, when the app is crashing we record the crash details without any additional metadata and let the app exit. When application is started again after the crash, we submit the crash data saved from the crash happened before and additional metadata (such as user ID) known at the time of submission. Please make sure to set user ID before the init.

One way to create consistency is to leave breadcrumb with user ID. The information will be in breadcrumbs field. Breadcrumbs are attached to the corresponding crash report. Number of breadcrumbs is limited to 16 and older breadcrumbs will be dropped.

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