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Why is the Inputs and Configuration pages stuck on "Loading"?


I've noticed that the Inputs and Configuration pages of the TA get stuck on Loading with the animated circle. We seem to have successfully configured the TA with config files, but I wanted to check some settings in the GUI due to another issue I'm having. I'm running Splunk 7.0.2 and 6.1.1 of the TA. Anyone else see this?

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If you run into this page because like me you just built a modular input using the Add-on Builder App and this seems to be the only topic on found on the issue. I would like to point out this command which helped me find (and fix) my issue.

There is a developer command that can debug a modinput (documentation here) props to this post for pointing me to it.



#this will run on all modinputs if you aren't sure about your scheme
$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk cmd splunkd print-modinput-config --debug .

#otherwise just to see your scheme and input
$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk cmd splunkd print-modinput-config --debug <myscheme> <mystanza>




My inputs page was stuck on loading and running this showed me a missing package it was trying to load for my input command. Once I added the Python package my command was missing the message changed to "Introspection setup completed for scheme " and I was able to load the inputs page again.

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Yes I've seen this issue before. Generally it means there is a miss match in the values from Splunk_TA_paloalto/local and what was configured with the GUI. It is easier to just back up the local directory and clear it out. Then restart Splunk and reconfigure the app through the GUI. The inputs.conf file should be the only file you could modify outside the GUI.

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@scottprigge - For me its passwords.conf causing problems in the app. After commenting everything in file including stanza and restarting splunk, I was able to see the inputs and configs on Splunk GUI.

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Path Finder

Im having this issue in several apps - but they are fresh installs (no local dir created yet)

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Loves-to-Learn Lots

I have the same problem - but with fresh installs, when is no passwords set up. We only started having the problem since upgrading to Splunk 8. I was able to workaround it by placing an account/password file manually in the inputs dir. It wasn't a valid hash but it was enough to get the GUI to load and then I could change the password to a correct one.

This workaround was straightforward as I already had a working version on splunk 7. However it doesn't work for installing something for the first time on V8 as I don't know what a valid account/password file looks like.

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