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Why is Splunk in a XenApp environment not showing memory and disk usage?


I have installed the Splunk App and Add-ons appropriately for XenApp environment.

I can see the data are being populated for all the source types except for Disk Usage and Memory Usage.

Should I be looking into something else ?

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This issue was resolved for me by removing the conflicting module Splunk_TA_Windows.


I'm having the same issue: when I click on "Server Performance Overview", I can see CPU Metrics, Page File Metrics and Network Metrics.

System Metrics, Memory Metrics and Disk Metrics show a "No results found." message.

I have double checked the inputs.conf file and everything is in there, as well as on perfmon, the counters are there and with the same name.

What should I try next?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Check your inputs.conf file on your XenApp server. The stanza for collecting Memory should look like this:

interval = 30
object = Memory
counters = Available Bytes; Pages/sec
instances = *
disabled = 0
mode = multikv

Also, run perfmon on your XenApp server to make sure the objects and counters in inputs.conf are exactly the same as what you see in perfmon.exe (see the screen shot below).

alt text

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I have checked the necessary configurations and all are same the way as it is supposed to be. However, there were no population of these statistics till now.

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