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Why is Splunk DB connect not getting all the data from the server?

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I have added a new table to Splunk DB Connect, but it's fetching only 30% of the data from the Database.

Below is the SQL query given

SELECT Guid, JobName, UsageEnd, TotalAllPages, TotalPrintedPages, PrintPages, CopyPages, ScanPages, FaxPages, BWPages, ColourPages, DuplexPages, LargePages, SmallPages, PrintLargePages, PrintSmallPages, PrintBWLargePages, PrintBWSmallPages, PrintColLargePages, PrintColSmallPages, CopyLargePages, CopySmallPages, CopyBWLargePages, CopyBWSmallPages, CopyColLargePages, CopyColSmallPages, ScanLargePages, ScanSmallPages, ScanBWLargePages, ScanBWSmallPages, ScanColLargePages, ScanColSmallPages, ColLargePages, ColSmallPages, BWLargePages, BWSmallPages, Print2ColPages, Copy2ColPages, RXFaxPages, TXFaxPages, AmountPaid, AltPrice0, AltPrice1, AltPrice2, PrinterID, PrinterName, PrinterLocation, ServerName, SerialNumber, UserID, UserName, UserLogin, GroupID, GroupName, CCID, CCName, CCPathName, SheetsUsed, NonChargeable, NonChargeReason, TypeOfJob, LFPJob, LFPCopyJob, LFPPrintJob, LFPScanJob, LFPCopyBW, LFPCopyCol, LFPPrintBW, LFPPrintCol, LFPScanBW, LFPScanCol, DateMMDDYYYY_101, DateMMDDYYYY_110, DateYYYYMMDD_102, DateYYYYMMDD_111, DateYYYYMMDD_112, DateDDMMYYYY_103, DateDDMMYYYY_104, DateDDMMYYYY_105
FROM DsPcDb.dbo.uFExport WHERE  UsageEnd>=? ORDER BY UsageEnd ASC

Thanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hi @SathyaNarayanan ,

Could you give us some more context to your Splunk set up? In general, your question has a better chance of getting answered by the community the more information you give.

Thanks for posting and good luck with your question!

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Splunk Setup
4 Indexer , 1 server for DB Connect , 3 search head with cluster

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