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Why is Splunk DB Connect not detecting the HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver?

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I am trying to configure the Splunk DB Connect Add-on to use the JDBC driver to connect to a HP NonStop SQL/MX database. I have the driver (t4sqlmx.jar) in the $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/bin/lib/ directory and my db_connection_types.conf is below:

displayName = HP NonStop SQL
serviceClass = com.splunk.dbx2.DefaultDBX2JDBC
jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:t4sqlmx://<host>:<port>/:
jdbcDriverClass = com.tandem.t4jdbc.SQLMXDriver
testQuery = SELECT 1
port = 18650

Splunk DB Connect however does not seem to detect the driver. I got the driverclass from the documentation:

Not sure if anyone has had experience with HP Nonstop DBs?


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Hey Brandonf,

You need to put drivers in: $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/drivers directory

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Hi All,

Any answer on the above issue. I am also unable to make the connection.


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