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Why did MS Windows AD Objects fail to build lookups?

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I am evaluating the Splunk Enterprise on our environment and I have setup a on-premises server for that. Currently I am trying to configure the MS Windows AD Objects apps on splunk. The procedures have been carefully followed. However, it is failed on the last step - building lookups.

When the process was trying to build AD_Obj_Admin_Audit lookup, the below error was reported:

Warning: No Windows Change Events Found - Change Time Period

Due to the error, the setup cannot be completed. I have changed the time period up to 5 years but still no luck.

It would be appreciated if you could help us to troubleshoot the issue.


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I had the same issue, I found that it was Active Directory auditing was not properly configured on the DC. I did not get too in-depth with the troubleshooting; however, I configured the following for success and failure. This allowed the query to run. 

  • DS Access
  • Privilege Use
  • Audit directory service access
  • Audit policy change
  • Audit privilege use
  • Audit system events


Hope this helps.

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I ran into thet same problem. I use custom index names, and multiple indexes for various collection purposes, I listed the indexes thus within the macro searches:


This was incorrect. I need to use Boolean OR between indexes

  index=first_winindex OR  index=second_winindex OR ...etc

Now it builds the AD_Obj_Admin_Audit lookup. It does take a while to build however.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply! However, since we didn't use custom index names, the macro should be no need to change.


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Understood. The second point I was making was the setting of macro definitions in the previous screen. One screen back from the build screen is where macros are shown that require indexes. One of these is  ms__obj_win_events_index.

Update this macro definition like so (assuming default index names):
    index=WinEvtSec OR index=Windows

Perhaps this will help.

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