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Why am I unable to run a Python script when alerts are generated?

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Since I am quite new to Splunk, I am having difficulties to run a python script when alerts are generated.

The step I made to run the script :
1. Search for an index
2. Save as an alert

Here is a screen shot of my alert setting and the directory where I keep the script.

alt textalt text

I have not change any other file settings.
The noise.txt is a file where the is reading from.

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Path Finder

Try wrapping your python script with a shell script (.e.g. Your ".py" file is not a standalone executable any more than is a ".java" or ".class" file. If you were running it from the command line you would say "python", not just "". If however you had a "" Bash script which contained "python", then you could run
"" as an executable, assuming you had set the permissions correctly and your PATH included your PYTHON home.

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Does Splunk have permission to run the script?

Try looking for issues with permissions in the internal log:

index=_internal yourscriptname 


Thanks @adayton20 for the idea. Sure enough, my corporate software folks had installed Splunk in a different directory so my script wasn't even in the right spot. Checking the index as you described led me right to the problem.

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