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Why am I seeing auto_generated_pool_enterprise is 0 MB after installing the Splunk App for VMware 3.2.1 on Splunk 6.3.1 Linux?

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I am running Splunk 6.3.1 on Linux Debian. I have a trial license and auto-generated pool was created. However, after installing the Splunk App for VMware 3.2.1, it appears the pool is 0MB. I have a 500MB trial license and have tried configuring pool in MB and GB, but the pool continues to show as 0MB.
Does anyone know what's wrong?

Other info:
The Splunk Enterprise shows, "auto_generated_pool_enterprise is 189 MB / 0 MB".

Thanks for any help.

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Have you exceeded the 30 day trial? Try backing up everything under /path/to/splunk/, and then untaring the source on top of itself...

tar -zxvf splunkinstall.tar.gz -C /path/to/splunk

This will overwrite the license with another trial copy, while keeping your old apps, indexes, etc. However, it will overwrite indexes.conf which tells splunk where the indexes are so you'll have to copy in the backup of your indexes.conf and possibly other configs you backed up too.

Its a pain, but it's what you must do if you're going to run trial copies longer than 30 days.

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