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Why am I getting "Splunk connectivity error: HTTP 401 -- Login failed" configuring the Splunk User Behavior Analytics (Splunk UBA) data source?

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Hi All,
I'm getting a error in Configuring the Splunk UBA data source. Before it worked perfectly, but now all data sources status are in Processing and getting a error:

Splunk connectivity error: HTTP 401 -- Login failed
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Probably too late to help you, but for anyone else who stumbles across this... these errors are typically just as they seem -- HTTP 401 should just mean that your credentials are not valid. UBA is just a client of Splunk, so you can validate this by logging into the search head with the same credentials. If you have a UBA data source that was running and no longer does, we can also check the system logs to see if there's anything else interesting there (open a support request and voice this problem), but it should be just a matter of checking your credentials.

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