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Which field does SPlunk App for Stream consider as _time if there are multiple time fileds in the stream?


We are ingesting the stream data from an extrnal device into the search head.
The Fields are getting extracted automatically.
There are multiple timestamp fields in the stream data.
we are confused on which timestamp does the Splunk consider as _time?
what is the criteria for getting _time from log data or stream data if there are multiple time entries?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Sorry, just noticed this question.

There are two main timestamp-like fields in Stream: timestamp and endtime. timestamp records the flow/event "start" time (timestamp of the first packet in a flow, or a first packet pertaining to an application protocol event). endtime stores the moment in time when an event was finished/generated. endtime is also used as a source of _time field in Splunk

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