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Which McAfee EPO server database you are using for SQL query required by McAfee addon in DB Connect app


After ePO is upgraded to the latest version, a new SQL database is created in addition to the existing ePO database (ePO_Servername) with the format: ePO_Servername_Events .

I am getting the results of the SQL query successfully when I chose ePO_servername database as it seems to have all the tables required for join operation as below.
• EPOEvents
• EPOLeafNode
• EPOComputerProperties
• EPOEventFilterDesc

However, the DBA says I should use ePO_servername_Events database, but when I use this DB, all I get is the EPOEvents table.

I am sure there might be few here who have had to go through this same problem. Can you please share which DB you chose or how you made this work ?

Thanks in advance.

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