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When using Splunk DB connect in an SHC distributed environment, app.conf and dbx_settings.conf are not replicated between members.


My environment:
Splunk Instance ver 7.2.5 * 4 (3 search head members, 1 deployer)
Splunk DB connect ver 3.1.4

Although configuration files such as db_connections.conf are replicated, only app.conf and dbx_settings.conf are not replicated among the members.
So other than the member who was initially set up, I'm asked for a setup, everytime I enter DB connect UI page.

Of course, if I login to all other members and do the setup, it will solve it, but is there any other good way?

  • Since the distribution from deployer is merged to /opt/splunk/etc/apps/splunk_app_db_connect/default/, and the original file is overwritten, so I think that this method is difficult.
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