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Website Monitoring is not showing results and not working!,WebSite Monitoring Application is not performing web pings as expected and is not working!



We currently have Website Monitoring application that is running version 2.7 installed on our Splunk Enterprise. We recently have upgraded our Splunk Enterprise to 7.1.1.

Post the upgrade, we are noticing weird issues with the Website Monitoring app. The web pings are not regular as per the set frequency for the URLS rather the pings are rare and occasional probably once every day.

Also, when we try to view the dashboard for the website availability , the results view does not load up for most of the time ranges/presets and only shows up for "7 days ago" or other few options. Also, when it shows up, we could see that the last pings had been 3-4 days ago which is really surprising.

We have configured the concurrent thread limit as default (200) and we have 21 application URL's currently being monitored. We are unsure of what might be the potential cause of this issue as we did not have this prior to the Splunk Enterprise and the website monitoring upgrades.

We anticipate to monitor more applications and currently this issue is a blocker. Any help or ideas for any changes in configuration or setup that needs to be done, would be highly appreciated.

Thanks ,

We are using Splunk Website Monitoring Version 2.7 on the Splunk Enterprise and we have configured 21 inputs (URLS) to be monitored. However, each of those URLs are being pinged only once a day, whereas it is suppose to ping every 1m as per the configuration provided by us.

Also, I am not able to see the results on the dashboard for most of the time period/presets if I chose to see for the past pings. Not sure if this issue is related to a UI Bug with the application or version compatibility as we have upgraded our Splunk Enterprise to 7.1.1

If I chose the time range as "7 days ago" I get to see the dashboard, however the pings have been 3 or 4 days earlier which is very weird. We did not have this issue before the Splunk Enterprise and the WebSite Monitoring app upgrade. Not sure what is missing. We are looking forward to monitor many other application URLS and this is currently a blocker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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