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Webhook Alert question


I tried using the slack app for sending alerts, but it is very limited in terms for what I can do. I have a webhook that I tested which sends the data in the correct format, but I am unable to get the tokens to properly populate. I know the URL below is for email notification, but the tokens appear to work in the slack app to some extent.

I am following the API guide:

Below is the payload in the that is going into the "attachments" argument.

[ {"fallback": "Application Warning",
"color": "#36a64f",
"pretext": "Unhandled Promise Rejection Warning",
"title": "Splunk Alert Link",
"title_link": "$results_link$",
"fields": [
    {  "title": "Event Timestamp",
        "value": "$result.eventTime$",
        "short": false},
    {  "title": "Error",
        "value": " ```$result.errorType$```",
        "short": false},
    {  "title": "Message",
        "value": "`$result.eventDetail$`",
        "short": true}]}]

The webhook works and I can verify it manually, but instead of getting actual information from the $token$ I just get the token name.

Slack Alert

This is the search I am using:

| eval eventTime=strftime(_time, "%Y/%m/%d %I:%M%P") 
| eval eventDetail="combined fields"
| table eventTime eventDetail errorType

I tested the webhook URL and it works and sends the token variable, but not the actual token content when coming from Splunk.