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I am planning on using the Splunk App for Web Analytics to provide information from a multiple webservers with multiple sites. When I exam the logs, it records each the sitename as W3SVC1, for example. In the app, configuring the site (Setup - Websites) using the site as W3SVC1 it works properly. However if I change the Site to the URL, I get the a Reason:

Site in logs and in lookup mismatch. This might be ok if you want to override the default site name in the logs.

Yes, I would like to override this so it makes more sense to end users, instead of multiple W3SVC1 listed. If I move forward with the URL, I can run Generate user sessions, but if I run Generate pages, it returns 0 results. Using W3SVC1 Generate user sessions and Generate pages works properly.

Is there a way to override the Site in step 2 of Setup - Websites for the website configuration?

I am using IIS logs and I did read that I can make one site log and then it will display this, but ideally I would rather have each site have its own logs. Alternatively, if someone knows of another web analytics app, I would be interested.

Thank you!

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