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Vote using Splunk Error Displaying Dashboard in 6.5


After upgrading to Splunk 6.5, the Splunk Vote App is broken! I utilize this app often and I'm hoping this question will reach the developer.

The issue: The main panel of the app doesn't load correctly and I use this app in the classroom every week.

I'm narrowed the problem down to the html tags for each of the question title panels. The code for each of them looks like the following:

<html id="A">
<h1 class="question-a">$A$</h1>

If you remove id="A" respectively for each question title panel, the dashboard loads but it doesn't look as pretty because it's not applying the same style. Can you please address this?

Thank you!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Thanks. I have updated the app on splunkbase.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This error is caused as a result of XML Syntax validation in Splunk 6.5 - it does NOT allow for XML attributes inside tags.

The solution I found that worked is using a div tags instead AND remove the id attributes from the html tags.



Here is the simpleXML you can use for that dashboard:

Hope this helps?

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