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Using JMS Messaging Modular Input to connect to Tibco, how to start with 5 consumers on the queue without saving it all the time?

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Hello ,

Our client is using JMS Messaging Modular Input to connect to Tibco.

The client sees following:
Every time he saves the definitions – another consumer is raised in the tibco queue.
Same issue is for two different environments.

Our client would like to start with 5 consumers on the queue without saving it all the time.


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If you want 5 consumers on the same queue , then you simply create 5 stanzas in inputs.conf and these will run in parallel in multiple threads in the one JMS Messaging Modular Input JVM instance

You can put any common shared properties in a parent stanza [jms].

Example of 5 consumers for queue named foo.

durable = 0
index = main
index_message_header = 1
index_message_properties = 1
init_mode = jndi
jms_connection_factory_name = SplunkQueueConnectionFactory
jndi_initialcontext_factory = com.tibco.tibjms.naming.TibjmsInitialContextFactory
jndi_pass = abc
jndi_provider_url = tibjmsnaming://
jndi_user = abc
sourcetype = tibco
user_jndi_properties = com.tibco.tibjms.naming.security_protocol=ssl,com.tibco.tibjms.naming.ssl_enable_verify_host=false,com.tibco.tibjms.naming.ssl_vendor=j2se-default
destination_pass = abc
destination_user = abc
strip_newlines = 0

source = foo_consumer1
disabled = 0

source = foo_consumer2
disabled = 0

source = foo_consumer3
disabled = 0

source = foo_consumer4
disabled = 0

source = foo_consumer5
disabled = 0

If you edit inputs.conf directly to accomplish this , then restart Splunk, you should see the JMS Mod Input starting once with 5 consumers.

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