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Use of multiple API and users?

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is it possible to use multiple API and users for the TA? Or any kind of workaround solution for that?

I have the regular Qualys API (regular + a special one from a service provider) with different users (for different service providers) and would like to ingest everything into Splunk to be able to analyse the data in one location.

Any thoughs?

Thanks and kind regards

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Hi @derjosh ,

Single installation of Qualys TA does not support multiple Qualys accounts (at this moment). That's mainly because the TA setup page can handle only one pair of credentials for now.

However, if you are comfortable with Splunk distributed setup, you can have multiple forwarders having Qualys TA on each of them. Then, configure your different Qualys accounts on each of them and set them to forward data to single indexer.

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