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Update about new version of Splunk Add-on for Cisco FireSIGHT

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For support of Cisco FireSIGHT 6.x and to support Splunk 7.x.x version.

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Confusing title since the FireSight app is for 5.x and lower. The terms 'FirePower' and 'eStreamer' are still valid.

For 6.x and higher I believe these are the correct apps? - eStreamer TA (client/connector) - built by Douglas Hurd - FirePOWER - built by Douglas Hurd. I think this replaces app /3663/? There's no mention of that in splunk base, but it's mentioned in the user guide here:

Here are my references to back up this conclusion:
" It supports version 6.0 of Firepower Management Center."

"Allows Splunk to collect all Firepower event data via the eStreamer API from Firepower Management Center version 6.x. Note: Will not work with Firepower version 5.x"

To add confusion, the Splunk AddOns doc refer to the old firesight app:

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