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Unable to add XIO node using EMC XtremIO Add-on for Splunk Enterprise

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I'm getting a number of errors when trying to add the first node using the Splunk web on a forwarder from the Setup screen:
Set up screen shows the following:
Error while posting to url=/servicesNS/nobody/TA-EMC-XtremIO/xtremiocustom/xtremioendpoint/setupentity

In the forwarder _internal logs I can see the following:
ERROR editProperties - unable to load the section form definition for endpoint=apps/local/TA-EMC-XtremIO
ERROR AdminManagerExternal - Received malformed XML from external handler: Exception: [HTTP 409] [{'text': 'A password already exists for id="c.*"', 'code': None, 'type': 'ERROR'}]\n

Looking at other posts related to the add-on, I have already verified that the forwarder can access ports 80 and 443 of the XIO node, the credentials are also working fine when logging in to the web interface of XtremIO.

Appreciate any pointers here to get this to work, or possibly if someone can share a snippet of a working inputs.conf entry so I can possibly create that directly instead of going through the set up process.

Or possibly any information about supported versions from XtremIO perspective.


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How did this issue got resolved? Can you please share your resolution to this issue?
I am also facing the same issue in my environment.


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