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Twilio app: How do I run the 2 python collection scripts and what is the correct directory path for configuring input?


Hi everyone

I have 2 questions regarding the setup of the Twilio app from the documentation ( 😞

1) Step 2 "Edit log collection scripts" talks about running the 2 scripts
$ python
$ python
How do we run these 2 scripts?

2) Step 3 "Configure input" says we have to Replace "$SPLUNK_HOME" with the correct directory of your Splunk installation. Will it be something like: C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin\splunk.exe?

Thank you.

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1) right now you need to place the scripts outside of your Splunk installation with the Twilio Python library installed ( You will need to create some sort of job to run the script. I am currently improving the app to fix this awkward setup.

2) just point the file path to where ever the scripts (explained above) write the CSV file out to.

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question 1) In 2)
1 . you create your sript if it no exite.
2. you put your into .conf file matching, in script stanza
Note: in you stanza jost specific the path where you script is there like this example below.

The following example is for RADIUS authentication:

authType = Scripted
authSettings = script
scriptPath = "$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/python"
question 2) In 3)
- the correct directory of your Splunk installation on LINIX is /opt/ and
SPLUNK_HOME= /opt/splunk/
where you run CLI on splunk is /opt/splunk/bin/
- the correct directory of your Splunk installation on windows is C:\Program Files\ and
SPLUNK_HOME= C:\Program Files\Splunk>
where you run CLI on splunk is C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin\

my english is very bad sorry.

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Thank you

I will try to make this configuration

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