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Top applications error message

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I get this error message on the "top applications" panel.
In handler 'savedsearch': Error while dispatching search

Is this a bug or a configuration error message?

Jo Christian

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I fixed it on our side.

In the "Overview" dashboard, click on "Edit" > "Edit Panels"

On the "Top Applications" panel, click on the first icon. I think it looked like a magnifying glass bounded by a square box.

Within that drop down, select "clone to an inline search."

This answer led me down that path.

In my testing, I also "enabled" the PAN - Traffic - Applications saved search. I'm not sure if you have to do it.

Settings > Searches and Reports > PAN - Traffic - Applications > Schedule this search


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Ran some more testing on this. After hitting "Edit" > "Edit Panels", there should be an icon that looks like a magnifying glass over a creased piece of paper. Click on that and select "Top Applications" AND from there select "Clone to an Inline Search"

After that, it should work. You'll also notice the icon changes to just a larger magnifying glass. From there you can actually select "Convert to Report" and it should go back to what it was. It should actually still work in that mode also.

Not sure what the differences are, but that is what I see.

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Seeing the same issue here. Anyone have an idea for a fix?

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