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Thirdlane Freemetrics Waiting for Input

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I have an issue with Freemetrics always waiting on input. I am able to go to search and view the data but it is not in the graphs. Is there something I should look for. Splunk is running on a separate server than the database and I can confirm that the data is being imported.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In the "thirdlane" app, all dashboard panels have searches queries starting like below

index="thirdlane" sourcetype="asterisk_queue_log_$queue_log_type$"

From the "thirdlane"app setting button we can either select the Asterisk CDR Source Type as "text file" or "database"

I have configured Asterisk CDR Source Type as text and I see the message "successfully saved" and this configuration is updated in the backed.conf file in local directory. However, this configuration is not taken into effect while running the searches and all the panels shows "waiting on input".


I have fixed this issue by manually editing all the search queries and replacing the sourcetype="asterisk_queue_log_$queue_log_type$" as sourcetype="asterisk_queue_log_text and sourcetype="asterisk_cdr_$cdr_type$ as sourcetype="asterisk_cdr_text.

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