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The below error is from Splunk DBConnect app while trying to perform a job to pull data from the database. Any insights what could be causing the issue??

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[Quartz.scheduler_worker-12] ERROR org.quartz.error logger job (DEFAULT.job-0c4ca565-85557-34bb-90f2-d73e) org.quartz.schedulerException: job threw an unhandled exception. at org.quartz.core.JobRunShell . run( at org.quartz.simpl.simpleThreadPool$ Caused by : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundERROR: oracle/xdb/xmlType oracle.jdbc.driver.NamedTypeAccessor.getstring( at oracle.jdbc.driver.Generatedstatement.getstring(Generatedstatement) oracle.jdbc.driver.GeneratedscrollableResultSet.getString( at com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.HikariproxyResultSet.getString( at com.splunk.dbx.server.dbinput.recordreader.columnprocessor.NumericColumnProcessor.transform( at com.splunk.dbx.server.binput.recordreader.coulmnprocessor.Rowprocessor.transformColumn( at ……….

The Splunk DB connect app version is 3.1.3

How do I proceed to fix this error ?
Any help is appreciated

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