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Syncronize props.conf across disjoint indexers

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We have geographically separate indexers that need to maintain the same sourcetypes as they are created/modified. Is there a way to synchronize these settings rather then having to add/modify them manually to each indexer each time there is a new entry, or a changed entry.

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Do you have any form of "deployment software"? puppet, chef, atlassian bamboo, etc? You could then make changes in the deployment software and push out from there. Set one indexer as a puppet master, and the other as a client! for example!

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If you can set up a secure connection between the sites, you could push your settings through Deployment Server. Or by building a cluster.

But then your changes need to be made centrally.

If the changes are made on the separate instances and are meant to replicate to the other node (assuming you have two).. hmm. no. you'd have to build it your self.

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