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Stream App - TCP reassembly queue size

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I'm using Splunk App 7.1.0 to capture HTTP traffic and I got several warning messages like below :

2017-04-11 13:07:11 WARN 140491406145280 stream.SnifferReactor - TCP reassembly queue overflow [c=, s=]

1) Is there any parameter to increase TCP reassembly queue size? I already increase the maxTcpReassemblyPacketCount to 1000000 but it's not helpful.

2) Does any packet loss possible when this warning happend?

Thanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello @sttkyo,

TCP reassembly queue overflow usually occurs when there's some issue with reassembling TCP packet flow for the deep packet inspection layer. One of the most common cases is when only one side of the conversation is captured. Currently there's no parameter to increase the TCP reassembly queue size. This warning doesn't cause packet loss per se, but it may cause degradation of the quality of Stream generated data.

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