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SplunkApp for XenApp: Failed to find a valid configuration for multikv stanza = 'PerfmonMk'

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I am testing the SplunkApp for xenapp. I had the app is my test environment I din't have any issues. I installed it in production environment. I am getting the following error when I am search data in a "xenapp_perfmon" index.
"Failed to find a valid configuration for multikv stanza = 'PerfmonMk'"
The index has been created and the permissions are properly set to read the data. I am not sure why I am getting the error. There is no related data in the splunkd.log or web log. Can anyone help me

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Not sure what the correct fix is for this, but I had this issue with my distributed deployment. The multikv.conf file is located here, in a default install of the current version of the XenApp app:

I copied that multikv.conf file to my indexers and its working now. As I said before, Im not sure if that's the complete fix, but it has worked for me.


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